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About us

Skytech was founded in 2016 and the major goal of our company is to create great gaming computers at great and affordable prices. We strive to be the best after completing intensive researches in R&D. There are many gamers that are able to build their own gaming computers but the cost of doing so is off the roof. Designated to bring the costs to a minimum to all customers, our prices will be lower than DIY builds as we are direct with many manufacturers and vendors. We also pride ourselves in using the best quality components for computers to ensure that your PC's will last you a long time. We have different channels of sales such as on Facebook, Ebay, Amazon, and others.



Our mission is to provide all our customers quality builds that will enhance all your gaming experiences. All of our computers are assembled and tested prior to shipping to reduce defective rates. We deal with major brands such as Asus, HP, Seagate, Western Digital, Asrock, Gigabyte, Kingston, Adata, Thermaltake, and many others. We strive to keep all our customers satisfied and that you can trust our quality and experience in providing you the best computer at the lowest price possible. As a manufacturer of gaming computers, all our focus are on gaming from casual to the extreme.